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Custom Orders

Cannot see the exact product you want on our site?
(Maybe you have seen something you like on another company’s website but cannot find the same on our

Isan Flowers often creates custom products, because of the wide variety of flower and gift types & colours we can provide. We can copy almost any design you may have seen somewhere else (and we will probably be cheaper). We can also give you advice.

If you are coming to, or already in Pattaya, we would love you to visit us in our shop (Where Are We?). We can then talk to you about your personal requirements. We have a good selection of picture books you can look through, for example, which show a big choice of flower designs and ideas that we can do for you.

If you are not in Pattaya, please use the form below to send us a description of what you would like. We will contact you back via e-mail with a description of how we can meet your requirements and an (honest) price estimate. You can be sure we will give you very good value for your money.

Some examples of what we have done for our customers in the past include:

- Flowers, gifts & services for a specific price & budget (anything from 30B to 10,000B or more)
- Different/Special flower arrangements & Plant types - Colours, Sizes & Shapes
- Flowers, Cakes & Gifts personalized with the name of the recipient, company or organization
- Custom Wedding flowers, Balloons & other services (see our Wedding Services page)
- Custom Party flowers, Balloons & other services (see our Party Services page)
- Custom Funeral Wreaths, flowers & other services (see our Funeral Flowers page)
- Special products & services for Hotels & Restaurants, Companies, Clubs & Associations
- Multiple/Regular deliveries (for example, one or more products delivered for 2 or more days – see our Regular
Orders page)

How to Pay
When you have agreed a price with us, paying for your Custom Order is easy. If you are in Pattaya, you can visit our shop and pay there. If you cannot visit our shop, we will e-mail you a PayPal invoice for the amount. You simply use the link in that e-mail to pay via the PayPal website. Not sure how to use PayPal or how safe it is? See our Payment & Security page

Things to consider telling us when sending us your information …

NOTE: Before sending us your description of what you would like, we recommend you first look at our Advice page).

General …
- Do you have a photo of what you would like? (give us a webpage link, or you can send the photo to us when we reply to your message)
- What is your price limit/budget range?

Flower Products …
- How many flower arrangements/plants would you like?
- What type of flowers would you like? (Real/Fresh, Plastic, House Plant/Tree, Garden/Patio Plant?)
- What style of flowers would you like? (For example – Round Bouquet, Tall Bouquet, Vase, Basket, Garland, Wreath?)
- What flowers would you like? (For example – Roses, Lilies, Carnations, Gerberas, Chrysanthemums, etc)
- What size of flowers/flower arrangement/plant would you like? (approximate Height & Width, in centimeters?)
- What colours would you like? (For example – Red Only; Pink Only; Red & White; Red, White & Pink, etc?)

Non-Flower Products …
- What & How many non-flower gifts would you like?
   For example …
   - Cuddly Toys (what character, colour & size in centimeters? – How many?)
   - Balloons (what occasion type, colour, rubber or foil, helium-filled or air-filled? – How many?)
   - Chocolate (what brand name, product name & size/weight? – How many?)
   - Cakes (what size? – How many?)
- What services would you like?
- What name would you like us to personalize the product with & how?

Visit Our Pattaya flower shop or Complete The Form Below Now for a price quotation or ask us any questions … !

PLEASE NOTE: Entering this information does not create an actual order or arrange an actual delivery.
Please allow 24-48 hours for Isan Flowers to check if we can do your custom order and reply to you by e-mail
Enter Your Name *
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Brown Bear H Soft Toy (L)
Brown Bear H Soft Toy (L)
USD 16.49

Chocolate Gift Basket with Lily (L)
Chocolate Gift Basket with Lily (L)
USD 36.65

Floating Foil Balloon - I Love You Script Modern (L)
Floating Foil Balloon - I Love You Script Modern (L)
USD 12.99

Love Card (Printed) B
Love Card (Printed) B
USD 4.99

Happy Birthday Balloons Chocolate Cake
Happy Birthday Balloons Chocolate Cake
USD 26.39


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