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Wedding Services

Are you Getting Married and/or arranging a Wedding?

If yes, Congratulations! And Isan Flowers can provide you with a variety of great products and services to help ensure your Wedding ceremony and party are wonderful and memorable, whatever your budget.

Don’t know what sort of flowers you should have for a Wedding in Thailand? Don’t worry, we can give you all the advice you need. We are very experienced at creating a wide range of flower arrangements for Weddings - all shapes, sizes and locations (Hotels, Restaurants, Gardens, Houses for example). We can also provide helium (floating) balloons, to add a special touch to your room(s) and Wedding Cakes.

NOTE: There are a number of Wedding Shops and Wedding Planners in Pattaya. Most of these will offer you their own flower service. However, the quality of these varies and the price can be very high. Do not risk paying too much for a Wedding flower service you know nothing about. We have the experience and level of service you are looking for. We are also probably much less expensive. (Contact Us for a quote). You can simply tell the Wedding Shop/Planner that you already know a florist who can do the flowers for you. 

Hopefully this page will give you some great ideas, but we are used to created custom designs so please come and visit us at our Pattaya shop where we can give you any advice you need and talk in more detail about how we can provide your personal requirements.  Basically, you need to choose …

- How much you want to spend
- The number, size & type of flower arrangements you would like
- The general colour theme
- The types of flowers you want (such as Roses, Lilies, Carnations, Gerberas, or a Combination of several types)
- What other party products or services you would like (such as Balloons, Garlands, Wedding "Favors", Cake)

Flowers & Flower Arrangements
Balloons & Balloon Decorations
Other Party Features & Supplies

Flowers & Flower Arrangements

Flowers are traditional at Thai Weddings as well as Western Weddings and make the big day very colourful and special. They make the room, garden or hotel in which you have the ceremony, dinner and party very attractive and fragrant flowers can fill the area with a lovely smell. Here are a few ideas …

- For the Bride & Ladies
Bride's (Round) Bouquet
Bride’s Garland
Bride's Headpiece
Maid of Honor/Bridesmaids’ (Round) Bouquets and Headpieces

- For the Groom & Men
Groom's Garland
Groom's Corsages (Buttonhole Flowers)
Best Man's Corsages (Buttonhole Flowers)
Groomsmen and Ushers' Corsages (Buttonhole Flowers)

- For Parents and/or Family
Male Relative’s Corsages (Buttonhole Flowers)
Female Relative’s Corsages (small decorative group of flowers which a lady pins to her clothes or ties around her wrist)


- For the Ceremony
Ceremony Area decoration (see example photo below)
Flower Arch (see example photos below)
Flower Heart
Entrance/Doorway flower arrangements &/or arches
Welcome garlands for guests
Room/Corner bouquets, flower baskets, vase arrangements or plants
Husband & Wife Ceremonial Water Trays
Floral Ring Tray
Floral Candle Holders
Altar flowers
Chair markers and decorations



Click Here to see More Wedding Flowers Photos  


- For the Reception room/area
Entrance/Doorway flower arrangements &/or arches
Welcome garlands for guests
Room/Corner bouquets, flower baskets, vase arrangements or plants
Cake and Cake Table flowers
Dinner Area flower arrangements
Buffet Table flower arrangements
Dinner Table flower arrangements
Presentation garlands, bouquets, flower baskets, vase arrangements or plants
Guest Book flower arrangements
Restroom (Toilet) flower arrangements
Thank You/Goodbye garlands, bouquets, flower baskets, vase arrangements or plants

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Balloons & Balloon Decorations

Balloons are a fantastic way to add fun and colour to your Wedding ceremony, dinner &/or party! We have many colours to choose from, such as white, red, pink, silver and gold. They can be plain or can have messages on them.

Inflated - We can provide you with floating (helium-filled) and non-floating (air-filled) balloons.

Floating (helium-filled) balloons – These can be rubber (latex) or foil (metallic). We only use top-quality balloons and fill them with helium gas (not the dangerous hydrogen gas that some Thai balloon sellers use!). These will normally float for 5 hours or more*. This would enable you or your guests to take the balloons away at the end of the party and enjoy them for longer. Our foil (metallic) floating balloons will normally float for 7 days or more*.

* Depends on environment conditions - Balloons are best kept out of the sun and away from heat (the air will expand & they may burst) and in an air-con cool environment for maximum life (heat and humidity shorten their life dramatically)

Uninflated - If you prefer to inflate balloons yourself, we are very happy to supply you with either our helium-quality uninflated balloons imported from the US or Thai-made air-quality uninflated balloons at our great (and honest) prices – discounts available for larger quantities.

Cute Animals - We can also make small, cute (air-filled) balloon animals and objects (you can also hire us to make these during your party). These are very popular with ladies and children!

Custom-Printed – We can supply you with rubber (latex) balloons custom-printed with your own message, business name, logo or pictures. Please Contact Us to talk about what you would like so we can give you a price quotation. Usually, we need 14 days notice or more and the order must be for 500 balloons or more.



We can supply beautiful, delicious Wedding Cakes, of any size and design - at a very reasonable price. Contact us to talk about what you would like ...
NOTE: The western-style cake design below is only recommended for use in places that are cool (for example, indoors, have air conditioning). If your wedding party is going to be outdoors or a warm place, we can give you advice on other cake designs)






Other Party Features & Supplies

These include banners and children’s entertainment (such as party hosts, bouncy castles, carnival rides, face painting & clowns).
See our Party Services page

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If you don’t know what flowers to buy for your Wedding, or how to make your ceremony and party extra special and fun, the Ian Flowers team will be very happy to give you lots of advice, with no obligation to buy.


Visit Our Pattaya florist shop or Contact Us Now to discuss and obtain a quote for how we can help make your Wedding ceremony, dinner &/or party more special, memorable & fun!


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Floating Foil Balloon - I Love You Script Modern (L)
Floating Foil Balloon - I Love You Script Modern (L)
USD 12.99

Happy Birthday Balloons Chocolate Cake
Happy Birthday Balloons Chocolate Cake
USD 26.39

XX (9-12) Red Chinese Roses with XX Red-wrapped Chocolates
XX (9-12) Red Chinese Roses with XX Red-wrapped Chocolates
USD 47.65

Brown Bear H Soft Toy (L)
Brown Bear H Soft Toy (L)
USD 16.49

Love Card (Printed) B
Love Card (Printed) B
USD 4.99


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