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As a little extra on our site, we have placed below links to some great (English language) websites related to Thailand, Pattaya and flowers, as used and recommended by us and our farang customers.

There are so
many good websites that we cannot list them all, but we hope you find the sites on the selected list as useful as we have!
PLEASE NOTE: Isan Flowers is not responsible for the content or accuracy of these external, 3rd party websites. Isan Flowers recommends you use McAfee SiteAdvisor when browsing the internet and always check a websites SiteAdvisor rating before or when you go there. You should also have, if possible, the following security software on your computer – antivirus, antispyware, personal firewall. Excellent products of these types is available free on the internet from sites like download.com.

Please Contact Us
- if you have bad experience with any of these sites or feel it cannot be recommended to others (so we
can consider removing it from the list)
- if you find any of the links below are broken (so we can fix or replace them for everyone)
- if you can strongly recommend a 3rd party site that you think would be very useful to our customers and
visitors (we may be able to add it)

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Pattaya News & Weather
Pattaya Clubs & Associations
Pattaya Internet Forums
Pattaya Bars & Restaurants
Pattaya Food & Shopping Delivery Services
Pattaya Hotel Directories & Reviews
Pattaya Maps
Pattaya Visa Companies
Pattaya Business Directories
Pattaya Classified Ads
Pattaya Web Links Collections
Thailand Tourism & Hotels
Thailand News
Thai Language
Thailand Dating
Thailand General

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Pattaya News & Weather
Pattaya Mail Newspaper - Good English-language local newspaper and website in Pattaya. Keep up-to-date with what’s happening in Pattaya
Pattaya People - Good multi-language local newspaper and website in Pattaya.
Pattaya Times Newspaper - Another good local newspaper and website in Pattaya
Pattaya Today - Another good local newspaper and website in Pattaya
Pattaya One News
- Useful headlines page linking to frank (& sometimes alarming) local news reports, such as local crime and road accidents. Not for the faint-hearted but will put you on your guard for when you visit!
Yahoo Weather - Useful Pattaya weather page if you need more detail than in the box on the right-hand side of our homepage. Shows current, week ahead & extended weather reports & forecast. See what the weather may be like for your next trip!

Pattaya Clubs & Associations
Pattaya Expats Club - Great place to meet , listen to guest speakers, hear news & exchange stories with other expats. The original foreigner’s advice group since 2001. Motto: Expats helping Expats – to live legally and safely in Thailand. The biggest Expats club in the world.
Pattaya City Expats Club - Great place to meet , listen to guest speakers, hear news & exchange stories with other expats
Pattaya Sports Club - Very popular and well-organized club where you can join in many sports. What do you play?
The Pattaya Golf Society - A useful alternative to the Pattaya Sports Club

There are many, many well-organized clubs in Pattaya and it is not enough space here to list many of them. Instead, use the link below ….
Pattaya People Newspaper - Good links to & information to a few of the local clubs in Pattaya, with contact details. Great way to meet new people and make friends
Pattaya Mail Newspaper - Excellent, comprehensive directory of local clubs in Pattaya, with contact details.

Pattaya Internet Forums
NOTE: Avoid the risk of annoying members of these forums by using the Search feature to look for any information you want, before posting a new question!
Pattaya Addicts Forum - 'the fastest growing Pattaya Forum on the Internet’. One of the best & most popular forums in & about Pattaya. Huge amount of advice and regular chat on all subjects. Find out more about Pattaya and Pattaya people. Keep up-to-date with what’s going on
The Pattaya Club Forum (previously known as the SEcrets Bar Forum) - Another very popular Pattaya forum
PattayaTalk Forum (previously known as the FLB Bar Forum) - Another very popular Pattaya forum
Pattaya Visa Forum - A good forum managed by a popular visa service business in Pattaya called Thai Visa Express
Pattaya Bar Guide - Useful list of other web forums

Pattaya Bars & Restaurants
Pattaya Beer Garden - Bar & Restaurant with great views and atmosphere, owned by one of Pattaya’s most experienced and respected farang residents
Secrets Bar - A very popular Go Go (Coyote) bar. Situated in a side-street off Walking Street 

Pattaya Food & Shopping Delivery Services
Door 2 Door - Great delivery service delivering food and some shopping items from many of Pattaya’s most popular restaurants, including flowers and gifts from Isan Flowers! Merged with Waiter on Wheels (WOW) in mid-2009. Great for a night in!

Pattaya Hotel Directories & Reviews
FLB Bar (Accomodation area) - Good summary of Pattaya hotels, competitive prices, good review system. Compare prices & find out what other people think about places
NOTE: See also the Thailand Tourism & Hotels section below

Pattaya Maps
Pattaya Photo Guide - This fantastic map and photo tour website is based on Google Maps. Use it to see Pattaya like you were walking around for real! Move the little man to the place and direction of what you want to see. The photos are a little out of date but still a great resource! The link I’ve added here takes you to the corner of Soi Buakoaw where our Isan Flowers shop is. Turn left where all the big signs are on the telegragh pole and we are 30 metres up that Soi on the right (you will not see our shop on the map photos because we opened after the photos were taken)
Thaiways Magazine
- Professional-looking street map. Where do you want to go?
PattayaPlaza.com - Similar to the above, but with more local landmarks.
Pattaya Bar Guide - Great, fun little maps showing locations of bars, go-gos, restaurants and hotels
NOTE: See also Thailand General section below

Pattaya Visa Companies
Useful companies who can do all the visa application work to get your Thai girlfriend or boyfriend a visa to enter your country, if you don't want to do the process yourself
Key Visa Co - This is the main website of one of the most popular visa companies in Pattaya.
UK Thai Visa - UK Thai Visa is another website run by the farang owner of Key Visa (see above)
Thai Visa Express - Another well-respected visa company in Pattaya
Visas-Plus - Another well-run visa company in Pattaya
www.ThaivisaN1.com - Visa for foreigners going to Thailand and Thais going abroad

Pattaya Business Directories
Thailand Websites - (Fast growing) Searchable directory of websites in and about Thailand. What types of companies and websites do you want to look for?
Farang Friendly - Wee-designed website which includes useful maps to find the businesses listed
AllPattaya.com - Another useful listing of Pattaya businesses.
About Thailand Info - Another useful listing of Pattaya businesses.
AngloINFO.com - Big website with a huge amount of very useful Facts, Information and News for Residents and Visitors to Pattaya, including Business Directory, Events Diary, Forum, Classified Ads & much more
Pattaya Business Directory -
Another useful listing of Pattaya businesses aimed at farang visitors and residents

Pattaya Classified Ads
Pattaya Mail Classified - Newspaper classified ads. Fancy a bargain?
Pattaya People Classified - Similar to the newspaper above
BahtSold - Very popular website selling many different things
NOTE: There are good noticeboards in the following locations:
(1) Big C Shopping Mall, Ground Floor (near the toilets), Central Pattaya Rd

Pattaya Web Links Collections
Pattaya Bar Guide - Big list of local web links. See what you think

Thailand Tourism & Hotels
Tourism Authority of Thailand - The official Thai government agency website. Can be useful but rather bland
Asia Rooms - Discount prices, reliable booking, good review system. Compare prices & find out what other people think about places
Virtual Tourist - Tourist information, hotel booking & reviews. Compare prices & find out what other people think about places
Trip Advisor - Similar to Virtual Tourist above

Thailand News
Bangkok Post - One of two good English-language national newspapers in Thailand. Keep up-to-date with what’s happening in Thailand
The Nation - The other good English-language national newspaper in Thailand. Which is your favourite?
Thailand News.Net - Great source of Thai news headlines and links all in one place

Thai Language
Thai-language.com - Fantastic, extremely comprehensive English-Thai dictionary, with useful audio clips of many thai words and phrases. Find the Thai words for what you need & improve your Thai

Thailand Dating
Arguably, one of the easiest and best ways to meet ‘respectable’ Thai girls. Remember though, many will not be able to speak, read or write English so they will use a local person to translate your messages
Beau-Thai - An Introduction Agency based in Pattaya and run by one of Pattaya's visa companies (Visas-Plus)
ThaiLoveLinks.com - Thai singles, Thai dating - A popular website for finding & communicating with ladies from all over Thailand
ThaiLoveLines - Another popular dating website
AsiaFriendFinder - Another popular website for finding & communicating with ladies from all over Asia

Thailand General
Thai Visa Forum - A useful forum. A shame, however, about the high amount of ads displayed
Thailand Life Blog - A very professional and informative blog of a young Thai man, describing his daily life and explaining all aspects of Thai life, with good photos
RichardBarrow.com - An archive of excellent, informative articles, with good photos, about Thailand and Thai culture by a British expat living and working in Thailand since the early 1990's.
Thaicultureblogs.com - An excellent resource for reading about Thai culture
Google Maps - Great aerial, satellite and street maps of the world. See Pattaya and Thailand from the air!
Sawadee.com - All types of information on Thailand
Thaiwebsites.com - Excellent Thai Web Directory and Articles about Thailand

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