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Funeral Flowers

Are you going to and/or arranging a Funeral?

If yes, then Isan Flowers can provide you with a variety of beautiful flower products for your Funeral ceremony, to suit your budget. Don’t know what sort of flowers you should have for a Funeral in Thailand? Don’t worry, we can give you all the advice you need.

Generally, there are 4 types of flowers for a funeral in Thailand:

- Wreaths
- One large flower arrangement for placing on top of the coffin
- Four smaller flower arrangements for placing near the coffin
- Sometimes, people like initials and words made with flowers (such as the name of the person who has passed away)

Our friendly staff are very experienced at creating all the above types of funeral flowers - many shapes and sizes. We will be happy to give you a quote for doing custom designs, such as Club and Association badges and logos.

Things To Consider When Ordering Funeral Flowers

- Which of the above 4 types of funeral flowers do you want?
- How much do you want to spend?
- What shape/design do you want?
        - like one of the photos on our site (for example, see our Funeral Wreaths)? A design you have
          seen somewhere else on the internet? A custom design you have created yourself, or someone has created for you?
- What colour(s) do you want?
- What flower type(s) do you want?
       - the type of flowers will have a big effect on the price of your product. For example, Thai roses
       are comparatively cheap.  Carnations are relatively expensive (see our Advice page)
- What date do you need the flowers for? (see Timescales below)

Custom Designs

Hopefully the Funeral Wreaths section of our website will give you some great ideas, but customers often want custom designs and we will be very happy and able to do these for you - please come and visit us at our Pattaya florist shop where we have photos and picture books you can look at for ideas. If possible, bring and leave with us pictures or sketches of what you would like. We can then give you any advice you need and tell you the options (such as flower types and prices) we have for meeting your personal requirements. 


Please place your funeral flowers order at least 3 or 4 days in advance. Wreaths in particular can often require a large quantity of flowers, which we may need to specially order for you. Wreaths can also take several hours to make – it depends on the complexity of the design and how custom it is.

Wreaths generally stay beautiful for 2-3 days, once created. Flower arrangements a little longer.


If you don’t know what flowers to buy for your Funeral, the Isan Flowers team will be very happy to give you lots of advice, with no obligation to buy.

Visit Our Pattaya florist shop or Contact Us Now to discuss how we can help make your Funeral more personal and memorable


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