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About Isan Flowers – the Pattaya Florist, Roses and Flower Shop 

Sawasdee Krup & Welcome! 
Thank you for visiting our website!

We promise you the best Flower & Gift service in Pattaya !



Simon, Rin, Ball, Nok & Tar
(The Isan Flowers Team)

We know you have many Pattaya flower delivery websites to choose from but we hope you like our website and product range the best and choose us for your Pattaya Order - so we can serve you as our valued customer. We are passionate about flowers and the happiness they give. We are very professional and we take the time to care about our customers. You can trust us with all your flower and gift needs.

The information below tells you about our values, why we believe you should buy from us and what you can expect as our customer …

Internet Shopping Checklist
The Isan Flowers Team – Knowledgeable, Experienced, Friendly & Trustworthy

Our Aim

Our Commitment to Quality, Service & Customer Satisfaction

Great Products

Complete Service

Honest Prices (and why delivery is not included)

‘Clear Labeling & No-Dual Pricing’ Policy

Safe Internet Shopping

Link To Us

Visit Our Pattaya Flower Shop

Internet Shopping Checklist

- Will your flowers be fresh, beautiful and look as good as or better than the photo?
- Can you be sure they will be delivered safely, on the date & time you want - and receive a photo to prove it*?Yes! (except our "Anywhere in Thailand", Gifts By Post service (click here for more about about that)
- Is the Isan Flowers price honest, fair and cheaper than many other websites?Yes!
- Is it safe to buy from this website?Yes!
- Will Isan Flowers respect your e-mail privacy and NOT send you junk mail/spam?Yes!
- Can you trust Isan Flowers for everything you need?

 * assuming recipient gives permission

The Isan Flowers Team – Knowledgeable, Experienced, Friendly & Trustworthy

Isan Flowers is an independent, family business, owned and run by a Thai-British team. Because we have only one shop at the moment and are not a large network or organization, we take care to understand and respond to our customers’ needs, and make sure we always give high quality service. The Team are:

- Simon (British co-Founder & Webmaster, based in the UK)
- Rin (Thai co-Founder & Manager of the Pattaya flower shop), from the Isan town of Udon Thani, North-East Thailand. Rin is a very experienced and creative flower arranger who previously worked in several other Pattaya flower shops before opening Isan Flowers. 
- Ball (Delivery Manager & Web Order Manager, Rin's eldest son)
- Nok (Flower Arranger, Ball's wife)
- Several other friendly and knowledgeable Thai staff and delivery drivers, depending on the time of year

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Our Aim 

The aim of Isan Flowers is simple … Give our customers such great products, complete service and honest, value for money prices that they are totally happy, tell their friends and come back to us again and again.

Our Commitment to Quality, Service & Customer Satisfaction

Consistent high quality and excellent, reliable customer service is our top priority here at Isan Flowers. We really value our customers so set ourselves high standards and do everything we can to make sure our customers are very happy with our products and services. This is why we have our company values ‘Great Products. Complete Service. Honest Prices’ and our ‘Clear Labeling & No-Dual Pricing’ policy.

Great Products

We have products for every customer’s budget – large or small. All Isan Flowers products, from the inexpensive ones to our Luxury/The Best Range, are …

- carefully & thoughtfully created or chosen
- beautiful
- high quality

… to ensure they make the impression on the recipient you want them to make.

If you are in Pattaya, you can buy individual flowers such as roses, lilies, orchids and chrysanthemums on almost every street. However, the difference we offer is that we combine the flowers you want into the most beautiful arrangements (bouquets, baskets, vases, etc) – either for you or as an impressive gift for someone you know. As well as the flowers themselves, we can add beautiful ribbon, bows and wrapping. All by our friendly, experienced staff.

Photos sometimes do not show the full beauty of real flowers, and of course cannot tell you how wonderful they smell! However, you can be sure that the flowers and gifts you order will be at least as good as (often better than) in the photos we have taken and placed on this website because they are all closely representative of the appearance, style, size and colour of the actual products Isan Flowers will provide for your order. We have also included lots of specific information for you about our flower products, and flowers in general, on various parts of our website such as the Advice page, Product Category pages, individual Product pages, Flower Care and Plant Care.

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Complete Service (including reliable delivery!)

The Isan Flowers team can provide a complete range of services. If you cannot or do not want to collect your order yourself from our Pattaya flower shop, our very reliable, 7 Days a Week Delivery service is free to many addresses in Pattaya, and is only a small cost for other areas of Pattaya a little farther from our shop. You can choose one of four different delivery time periods on any date, and include your own personal message. Then, when we have successfully done the delivery for you, we will contact you (usually via email or messaging app) and can also send you an SMS text message if you gave us your mobile telephone number and a photo of your happy recipient (if they give permission). For more details about our Delivery service, please see our Delivery & Collection page and our Terms and Conditions.

NOTE: For Internet Orders: Please order 2 days or more in advance. This is because of the possible time difference between Thailand and the country you are in. (Thailand is GMT +7 hours) and gives gives us time to get the flowers/products you want from our suppliers, if we do not have them in stock. If you need something sooner, please telephone or visit our flower shop in Pattaya, if you can.

Delivery is just one of our many services. For example, we do Regular Orders, provide Party Services, Wedding Services, Funeral Flowers, serve Hotels & Restaurants, Companies, Clubs & Associations and give Flower Arranging Lessons. For more information, please view the various areas on this website. If you cannot see what you want, we can almost certainly do it – Contact Us or use our Custom Orders page.

Honest Prices (& why delivery is not included)

You don't have to pay high internet flower prices! Like many products, flowers are less expensive in Thailand than in many Western countries and it is easy to pay too much for them. By buying from Isan Flowers you can be sure that you will be paying a fair, local price for your products (see our ‘Clear Labeling & No-Dual Pricing’ Policy below). The prices of our flowers and many of our other gift products here on our website are only slightly higher* than in our actual florist shop in Pattaya. And our delivery prices are the same as in our shop.  If you are local business owner, business manager, a member of a club or association we can even give you a discount on our standard price - if you go to our shop.

Many internet flower delivery websites boast that their products include free delivery. However, usually this simply means that a general delivery price is already added to the price you pay for each product. Our product prices don’t include delivery (except our "Anywhere in Thailand", Gifts By Post service (click here for more about about that). We charge a separate delivery price for some delivery areas because we believe that is fairer for our customers - it keeps prices low for you. (For example, if you want your order delivered to a place closer to our shop, the price of our products will not already include a cost associated with the possibility of us having to deliver the products to a place farther away. And, if you order two or more products from us, you will pay only one delivery price – instead of a delivery cost in every product! It also means that you can place your internet order and avoid a delivery cost completely if you can collect your products from our shop). To see our current internet order delivery prices, see our Delivery & Collection page

* The prices in our shop in Pattaya are a little cheaper than the prices on our website because (1) our prices on this website are in a base currency of US$ (for PayPal compatibility) and the Thai Baht exchange rate changes every day (2) we need to add up to 10% to our in-shop price to help towards the operating costs of us providing this website as a internet shopping service (for example, PayPal merchant transaction fees, web hosting fees, etc).

‘Clear Labeling & No-Dual Pricing’ Policy

Unlike many smaller shops in Thailand, we always clearly price our products in our shop and do not charge dual prices (higher price for farangs, lower price for Thai people). We do this so our customers benefit in several ways:

- you don’t need to ask us for the price of every product you like
- you know the standard price is the same for every customer, Thai and non-Thai – not a price based on how rich you look or where you come from
- you don’t have the problem of trying to barter the price down to a fair one
- you can feel confident that you have paid a fair price, and not been ‘ripped off’

Safe Internet Shopping

Because we know some customers worry about the safety of paying for things online we have made buying via our website very safe and secure. In the Checkout process we will take you to PayPal so your payment to us will be processed completely on PayPal’s website. If you do not have a PayPal account, do not worry - you can still pay by credit or debit card on the PayPal website. For more information on paying for your order, please see our Payment & Security page.

Link To Us

If you have a website yourself, please consider putting a link to isanflowers.com on your site. On our Useful Links page you can find the HTML code you can easily use to create the link to us.

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Visit Our Pattaya Florist Shop

If you are coming to, or already in Pattaya, please come and visit us at one of our two shops (Where Are We?). You can then …

- meet Rin and her staff
- see our products for real
- see our other products that are not yet available via this website
     -  some types and colours of Flowers
     -  various Balloon designs
     -  various Soft Toy types
     -  Greeting Cards
     -  Gift Wrap Paper
- have us create a custom flower arrangement for you while you watch/wait
- talk to us about your personal requirements

We very much look forward to seeing you in Pattaya or serving you as our internet customer.

Best Wishes


Simon, Rin, Ball & Nok
(The Isan Flowers Team)


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Floating Foil Balloon - I Love You Script Modern (L)
Floating Foil Balloon - I Love You Script Modern (L)
USD 12.99

Brown Bear H Soft Toy (L)
Brown Bear H Soft Toy (L)
USD 16.49

Floating Foil Balloon - Red Heart (L)
Floating Foil Balloon - Red Heart (L)
USD 8.39

XX (9-12) Red Chinese Roses with XX Red-wrapped Chocolates
XX (9-12) Red Chinese Roses with XX Red-wrapped Chocolates
USD 47.65

Chocolate Gift Basket with Lily (L)
Chocolate Gift Basket with Lily (L)
USD 36.65


Isan Flowers, 313/250 Moo 10,
(near corner of Soi 29) Pattaya 3rd Road,
Central Pattaya,
Chonburi 20150,
Tel : (+66)(0)38-42-1773

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